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Recipes / June 7, 2017


It’s another recipe Wednesday!

I know I am the only one excited but still..

More food is always a great idea.

What did I prepare this time?

If you browse through my recipe section you might notice the lack of “actual” dishes, the food you can eat for lunch or dinner (although I am a big advocate for dinner nicecream). When I noticed it I decided to have a main course meal as my recipe this week.

On the other hand, I still cheated my way around.

Raw Till Summer Ends

That is my plan for 2017. It is more complicated than just declaring I will be eating raw for the next couple months and I will definitely be sharing more about it. But to simplify, whenever the scale reaches a certain point I REALLY do not want to cook. So much heat to bear with already and adding warming foods seems like instant death. Don’t you feel like it sometimes?

This led me to adapting my meal plan to mostly uncooked foods last year anyway and it was worth it. Not to mention, just how amazing I feel when eating mostly raw. Since I had some positive experience last year, I decided to step up my game and really emphasize all the raw foods this summer. I probably won’t be 100 percent raw, some things are just too good and unnecessary for me (not for everyone!) to exclude plus I want to be able to eat out sometimes. Although I definitely do not want to cook when at home.

What does this mean for me?

I need to learn and create many more raw recipes. Like the one I have today.

Twisted Pad Thai

Why twisted? I often feel bad about calling dishes derived from some traditional meal by the same name, obviously this won’t taste like your real Pad Thai. But the inspiration, flavor combo and presentation is there so I can say it’s twisted version right? Better than Inspired by….

Pad Thai is my love. I can’t admit how many days I have dreamed about this heaping comfort pile of noodles. I think I can make a pretty bomb vegan Pad Thai but turning it raw was a challenge. And I consider it a successful one.

Some people might call this a salad but to me, it’s on a different level of yumminess. Love preparing veggies in a not-salad way, you DO NOT need a spiralizer. Julienner works or just spent a bit more time cutting really slim strips. It makes eating it a bit more fun. Trust me.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

With the sauce, I tried my best to mimic the tangy peanuty flavor and I am pleased with the result. You can always adapt the ingredients according to your needs, depends on what your meal qualification should be.

Oh, and the asparagus is not traditional veggie for Pad Thai but I just felt like having it. SO tasty!


I hope you like this week’s meal. Be ready for more info about raw diet and more delicious recipes.





Recipes / April 26, 2017

RAW NORI WRAPS a.k.a. RAW HUMMUS SUSHI (healthy, vegan)

Happy Wednesday?


What is the last food you dreamed about?

In my case I know it was sushi. I dream about sushi all day long. I wish I could bow to the incredible person who invented it. My dream life is to move into a vegan sushi restaurant so I can just eat it all day long.

But isn’t it pain to make it?

I know it took me while to get better at rolling those beautiful rolls, just enough to not make them fall apart.

And since I decided to show you my RAW NORI ROLLS today, I will give you couple tips on how I achieved that.

How To Roll Your Sushi

These tips I am about to share with you apply to both these raw wraps and any other sushi roll you would want to make in the future. Regular rice sushi is actually even easier to roll as the sushi helps it be firmer and stick better together.

Tip number 1: Invest in a bamboo rolling mat. I can’t tell you how much this little thing changed my life. You can find a basic rolling mat in any Asian store, even in regular supermarkets. Mine costs about 3 dollars and it is so much worth it! You do not need some super fancy high end sushi master chef equipment to make a good sushi. Another thing I did, I wrapped mine in clear foil to help it cleaner.

Tip number 2: Wet the ending edge of your seaweed after you have rolled there. Basically when you start rolling your filled seaweed, keep the edges dry and just when you reach the end, wet it with a brush or a hand to make it sticky. If you wet your nori first and then start rolling, it will crumble and you won’t be able to properly seal your roll.

Tip number 3: Do not drench your seaweed. I like to put mayo or sauce on the seaweed before placing the veggies, but you need to be careful and spread the liquid evenly and not make it to thick. If you put too much sauce, you will soak your seaweed and it will tear.

Tip number 4: Even out your veggies and take it easy on the amount. I do it too – I pile up my sushi fillings so high it all starts to escape while rolling. Make sure you are putting adequate amount o fillings and spread them logically – make it even and do not stack slippery on slippery and so on.

And now just roll! And keep it tight.

Raw Seaweed Meets Hummus

Hummus and sushi doesn’t exactly sound great. But this is where we were all mistaken. It is absolutely incredible combination. No I am not pregnant and having weird taste buds. It is really great combo.

In the summer I always opt for more raw food and these raw wraps are one of my favorites. When I can’t be bothered to cook rice or just feel like keeping it all un-cooked, this is super easy meal I enjoy. I do not know when in particular I decided to put hummus in the usual mayo, but I am very thankful for that thought.

You can choose whatever hummus you like, keep it plain or go in with flavor. Make it at home or buy your favorite – no rules here.


Just trust me when I say it is a unique and amazing combo.


I’ll let you enjoy the recipe now. I might go and make more of these babies.




Recipes, Videos / December 14, 2016

Lentil Pizza Crust


Pizza for breakfast, pizza for lunch, pizza for dinner and pizza for desserts?

Sounds like the perfect world right?

Unfortunately, most of us can only dream about a world like this and also about pizza. However, thanks to the overload of lentils in my house, I do not have to dream of healthy pizza ever again. I made it.



So delicious.

So crispy.

So good for you.

I have eaten the entire pizza all by myself and my happiness was not diminished by some kind of greasy and heavy feeling, custom companion for traditional pizza time.

It is a really good recipe if you are low carb (not my recommendation though), want to eat a bit healthier or just want to try something new.

In my video I walk you through the entire making of process but I included the detailed recipe below.


Hope you enjoy it!!