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Recipes / April 19, 2017


Happy Wednesday!

How was your Easter?

I can’t believe we are already past this beautiful holiday.

Have you read my last article about Easter?

I got more into detail about how different countries celebrate this spring holiday in a different way. Definitely go heck it out!

But what I have for you this week?

Well, Easter (or any holiday) is inevitably associated with consuming huge amounts of food. Family feasts, sweet and savory dishes pile up and leave you in need of serious detox.

Just like this year.

I myself got into a lot of Easter baking and cooking, remember my PEANUT BUTTER EASTER CHOCOLATE EGGS?

There are many traditional treats linked to our family celebrations, we consume a lot of sweet bread called Mazanec, make Easter stuffing and obviously dive into piles of candy.

These foods are amazing, but I do nto think any one things they are very healthy. Heavy and fatty but still making you happy. I am all for some indulgence during celebration.

So treat yourself.

Moving onto my recipe for today.

Easter Indulgence

I decided to show you another cake. Spring is my favorite season and if there is one cake that just belongs to the spring blossom mood, it is carrot cake.

I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of carrot cake for long. I guess my inner child could’t help but feel betrayed by what seemed like adults way into ruining sweet dessert by adding vegetable. Uggh.

Only after I became vegan and discovered the beauty of vegan and raw cakes I realized my horrible misconception. Carrot cake is life!

Look at the beauty <3

Whether it is baked, raw or or somewhere in between, I love the great song of mixed spices and sweetness of carrot. The complementarity of the extra frosting adds the cherry on top.

I never made my own carrot cake. Until last week. And it is epic.

Raw Carrot Cake Heaven

I know I tend to brag about my cakes a lot but this one is seriously perfect. It took me less than 30 minutes to make, no oven involved. I stuck to simple ingredients, focusing on making them well balanced and not overwhelming. I replaced traditional cream cheese frosting with vegan classic – cashew based cream, but I decided to add a bit more creaminess with my favorite plant based yoghurt. Does this sound appealing already?

The recipe, which you can find in detail bellow, is really easy to follow. One thing I need to stress is though – fresh ginger. Many recipes require the inger flavor but what made me love this cake, and eat half of the dough straight from the food processor is the sharp taste of fresh ginger. In the recommended amount, it makes the cake feel refreshing and still doesn’t burn your taste buds. If you are afraid of ginger, feel free to adjust the amount and add a bit less.

Does your mouth water already?

Mine definitely does.

I guess I will have to make this baby once again today.



Recipes, Videos / April 2, 2017



Well, not really yet but it is already April. It means that Easter Sunday and Monday are about two weeks from now.

What are your plans?

Easter around the world

Growing up in a tiny village on Czech countryside, I was used to a big old traditional Czech Easter. Kids can’t wait for Easter Monday when they take out their woven wooden “sticks” decorated with ribbons and go trick or treating around the whole village. At least that is how traditions work here in this little country, although I have to admit, the most exciting use of these ribbony woods was when we could properly beat up each other.

Fighters, get ready!

I suppose there is much more to learn about our traditional Easter, look forward to my next week’s post, where I will be explaining all the different Easter traditions I have experienced!

This week, it is about food.

Reese’s Addiction

I do have to admit, I used to have a big addiction. I was more like a drug addict, and my drug was peanut butter covered in chocolate. Reeses. Those little devils.

Unfortunately, (or maybe luckily) Reese’s are a typical American treat and therefore, in Czech they are available only in special candy stores. One is located nearby my highschool and I may have been there every other day, bought about 5 packets of Peanut Butter cups and ate them all before even reaching the nearest tram station.

Did I feel like hell afterwards! Mainly because my stomach couldn’t really handle all that sugar and peanut butter overload. To be honest, Reese’s are not even that full with peanut butter, more like sugar and sh*t.

Which is why I am so happy homemade Reese’s are an easy and delicious treat. I have made my own vegan peanut butter cups before and they are wonderful. Now I can eat the same crazy amount and my stomach stays happy.

Easter Edition

Every year, candy companies flood the markets with special seasonal treats and Easter are no exception. Reese’s make their famous Easter eggs and I decided this year to not feel left out and make my own.

These treats are fairly easy and quick to make, all you need is a good mold. I received this crazy face eggs mold a while ago and although I think there are handier molds out there (like this one) I decided to give it a go. Therefore when making these, be sure to adjust the process according to the way your mold works.

Apart from this equipment, just grab a few more ingredients and let’s get started.


Did you like my video?

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Full recipe is down below.

I wish you all the best.







Recipes / December 21, 2016

Linzer Acai Cookies with Blackberry Jam (vegan)

Welcome back to another Christmas recipe!!

How are you doing during the last countdown to Christmas Eve?

To me it feels like there is never enough time to spent in the kitchen. I seem to be doing nothing else than baking and let me tell you, that my school work is not happy with me neglecting it so much. I should probably be doing writing some essay right now but this creation is so good I can’t keep it from you. 

I said in my last post that I want to head on a journey of veganizing all my traditional Christmas recipes, can you remember that?

Well, I had a success with the Chia Thumbprint Cookies and my personal favorites – Linzer Cookies were next on my list. 


Linzer Cookies With Acai

You might wonder why all the Lizer Flowers I made are so dark, grey colored. The answer is Acai powder. I wanted not only to create vegan linzer cookies but I felt like making them even more interesting. So I wanted to dye them dark (my obsession with black colored food might guide my next food journey). 

However, I had no idea as of how to make the color happen and you know how tricky dyeing a dough is. Sometimes the color completely changes, or at least fades to an ugly shade. I admit that even in the case of my Linzer Cookies, the raw doug was much darker but I still am pleased with the result. It is a nice dark and cold grey color.

I dyed only half of the dough, the art I used for the flower shaped cookies. The rest is just plain wholewheat flour color.


Does this sound like something you want to try?

Then go ahead! 

The cookies are super easy and even I was surprised just how much I like the taste. The Acai powder doesn’t disturb the natural taste of the dough at all, even adds a nice subtle flavor.

Good luck with baking and beautiful Christmas!







Recipes / December 18, 2016

Chia Thumbprint Cookies with Plum Jam

Happy third Advent!!


I can’t believe it is only seven days left till Christmas… I feel like I have done nothing yet.

Although in the kitchen I have been fairly productive and I have managed to create a bunch of new and veganize some old Christmas recipes.

December is just about baking for me and I am so excited to show you all of my new creations. Most of them are sweet and require baking, although I have couple completely raw recipes prepared for testing over the next couple days. I hope they turn out well.

I will also be creating a fully vegan Christmas dinner, based on the traditional meal in Czech Republic so let’s see how that goes.

Now let’s look at this week’s creation.


Chia Thumbprint Cookies

with Plum Jam


Thumbprint cookies are pretty popular type I think, and they are not necessarily associated just with Christmas.

However, in my house we rarely make them any other time of the year. And I wanted my vegan version so I took my mother’s original recipe and veganized it. So simple and yet delicious.


If you decide to make the cookies, you will need some jam filling. You can definitely use store bought although I admit, I am not a big fan of those and rather than paying hundreds for some tiny jar of “special” homemade one, made though by someone else.

I swap the fruit used to make it all the time and it never failed me. Plum jams have a long tradition here in Czech, earning their own special name “Povidla” and I am obsessed with the flavor. It takes minimal amount of time to make the jam as well, so a complete win win recipe.


Here you have both.

Hope you’re enjoying some nice quality time, relaxing before the full Christmas celebration. Please do not let the festive stress steal the beauty of this holiday for you.






Recipes, Videos / December 10, 2016

Christmas Vanilla Pretzels (VEGAN)


It’s just two weeks till Christmas left. About time to do some baking right?

As I had the opportunity to experience Christmas in different countries and differents cultures I noticed that there is one thing no one can beat Czech – the amount of different Christmas cookies.

I love sweets and baking and my entire childhood, December was identified with a pleasant smell of working oven and overeating on raw dough. Me and my mum would bake at least 12 different kinds of cookies and treats, according to our traditional cookbook. That thing is our holy grail, containing over 300 Christmas recipes.

However, none of it is vegan.

What do I do now? I am not willing to give up my Christmas feast and I know there is a ton of awesome vegan recipes and yet none is like my mom’s.

So I decided to start my journey to veganizing all my favorite Christmas foods. Will it work out?

Who knows.

Today, I want to share with you the first “success” I accomplished.


I am obsessed with these cuties. I would eat them right of the pan before even coating them, burn my tongue and get shouted at by my mom.

Ever since I imported a small box of these to England I have to ship them overseas to my friends.

They are that good.

I spend a lot of time thinking how to keep the traditional taste and most of the recipe but still make it vegan. The substitutions I came up with are pretty easy to find and while preserving most of the original taste, the result is healthier and 100 percent cruelty-free.

Why are you still waiting?

Let’s go make hundreds of them.

You won’t regret it.

This is just a beginning of many recipes I am about to share with you the minute I veganize them, I am prepared to live in my kitchen for the next couple of weeks. Just wait for the indulgence.

Not all of them will be baked, I tried a lot of raw christmas sweets last year and it blew my mind. I want to make couple recipes which don’t involve any actual baking so if you like the taste of raw desserts, stay tuned as I will prepare something for you as well.

Now let’s get to the recipe!

I hope you enjoy it as much as this entire festive time.






Recipes, Videos / December 14, 2016

Pumpkin Cookies

In one of my previous posts, I shared with you my Halloween themed video, where I baked these delicious PUMPKIN COOKIES.

Fall, when pumpkin is literally everywhere, would not be complete without some sweet and tasty dessert including some pumpkin. I love baking easy and quick treats so I decided to come up with this recipe.

I received a lot of positive comments about img_3190these cookies that I had to share the recipe with you as my FIRST RECIPE ON MY NEW PAGE!!


They are obviously vegan, refined sugar free and much healthier than anything from the shop.

If you like you cookies more on the chewy and soft side, these are the ones for you.


Here is the recipe: