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Recipes / September 7, 2017

Black Rice Coconut Porridge with Mango Recipe

Happy Wednesday!


I know I have said that things will be a bit different now since I am in Korea na dit is true.

Sadly I will not be able to do as much cooking and food blogging as I wanted to and tried to do. It makes me very sad as I am struggling to even cook the meals I want to eat and on top of that to even make them pretty. I am constantly pushed around by expenses, Korean cuisine and lack of proper cooking facilities.

Do not worry though it sounds worse then it is. I still consider myself vegan, on a plant based, healthy diet. It just got a bit boring, unpredictable and basic. I am currently unable to create a lot of new recipes but I do not plan on giving up food.

Korea has so much to offer.

Vegan in Korea

Well, this is a big and exhausting topic to cover and I will do it one day. Just not now as I would need about 10000 words to cover half of it. I simply wanted to state that no, I am not giving up veganism because it’s too hard. The circumstances force me to be a bit more limited, budget a lot more and stop being squeamish about some minor vegan pet peeves but I am still trying my best. I love doing it and my body loves it and that’s all I can do.

On a more brighter note I will be sharing with you a lot more other interesting things from my new life in Korea. Later I want to talk about Korean food for vegans, maybe when I have more options try to come up with handy vegan tricks and tips. I wish to also make my favorite food into vegan version. Mainly I will be focusing on my adventures from eating at different places , introducing a lot of traditional and not-so-traditional Korean foods, talk about the culture. Let’s not forget about the life here itself.

Black Magic Rice

Wow, I got too off topic. Back to the recipe.

One of the ast dishes I tried and created before i moved to Korea was inspired by my beloved Vietnamese influenced cafe in Prague. That place is magical, magically hipster and a go-to spot for all food and social bloggers. I mean it’s so cool. The one food I fell in love with was their Mango Coconut Chao a.k.a. Mango Coconut Rice Porridge. Who doesn’t love porridge?

I certainly do and I also love rice. Combined sweetness and creaminess of mango and coconut soaked rice makes your mouth water and your stomach happy. There are many ways in which you can prepare your rice porridge but I decided to spice things up a bit and make it even more special.

Using black rice gives it even more nutritional value although it makes it a bit more unique in taste. For those unfamiliar with it, black rice (or also know as “forbidden rice”) is a great source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants (more than in blueberries). It is commonly used in East Asian countries, desserts with it are my favorite. And that is how I created this recipe.

Making it a bit more healthier and fairly simple I fell in love with it immediately. You can buy black rice at most health food stores or order it online. Just make it.

It is well worth it.


Will you give it a shot?


I am going to make it as soon as I get my kitchen back.







Recipes / August 16, 2017

Rose Coconut Raw Cheesecake Bars, a.k.a. Time For Afternoon Tea

Happy afternoon!


How are you doing this time?

This week I have yet another recipe for you but it is tiny bit special. To celebrate The Afternoon Tea Week I’ve teamed up with @wearetea to create some perfect dessert enjoyed with a great cup of tea!

The Tea Kingdom

I am sorry to say it declare it like this but from my experience no other country values their tea as much as Britain. And English tea is definitely something to be proud of. Unfortunately, I still prefer other kinds of tea then the traditional Black one and I will not be putting milk in it. However, one thing I do appreciate is the overall tea culture.

Living on the island for some time I became truly accustomed to the whole tea culture and it is so nice. Having a cup of tea solves everything. And watching the afternoon tea at cafes, old ladies, young couples everyone can enjoy a good cake and a tea when it is tea time.

Speaking of cake, I shall finally introduce my recipe right?

Floral Cheesecake

A while ago I posed a recipe for one of my favorite treats, raw cheesecake flavored with lavender. It has truly became one of my best recipes and I am happy to try another version. At the time I had lavender serious but lately, I tried a lot of recipes with another flower – rose. Roses are the queens of flowers, they offer greta health benefits to our bodies so why not try it even in dessert?

Raw cheesecake recipes are very easy and versatile. They might look a bit daunting but do not worry at all. It is much easier then it looks.

Roses are truly great but to give these cheesecake bars a bit more flavor, I decided to use fresh blackberries (harvest season) both as a filling and in the batter as well. It combines with the roses so well, it doesn’t overpower them at all. Personally I think raspberries would work well too, it will just be even sweeter and more pink. Just be careful of frozen fruit as it will release water and change the consistency of your batter a lot.

Cashews And Coconuts

I already said that I am slowly starting to fall in love with everything containing coconuts and in this recipe I used this amazing nut again. I already tried different versions of raw cheesecake batters but so far, the combo of plant yoghurt with soaked cashews works best for me. Both consistency and taste wise, I am in love with this combination. I usually reached for soy based yoghurt but this time I swapped it for coconut to have even more flavor.

Before making this cheesecake bars be sure to soak your cashews in cold water (bets is to leave them overnight) and that you have your psyllium husk ready. This ingredient is absolutely crucial otherwise your cheesecake won’t harden at all. Psyllium husk is essentially a form of fibre extracted from Plantago plant and has many health benefits on top of being a great food thickener. If your cheesecake seems too runny, just mix in a but more of this powder.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s go to the kitchen and make some delicious cake. DO not forget to serve with a nice cup of tea, it is the Afternoon Tea Week isn’t it?


Have a great afternoon.






Recipes, Videos / August 6, 2017

Blueberry Black Ice cream (Nicecream) Recipe Video

Happy weekend!


How was yours this time?


I had pretty busy days at work and today is actually my last they there!

Switching places again am I?

It is a huge change but you may still have no clue what the hell am I talking about so I will just stop for now.

Instead let’s talk about nicecream.

Endless Rotation

This is not my first nicecream recipe so I won’t talk about it too much. Just simply for those who still have no idea how this weird name found it’s way into our lives, nicecream is ice cream for vegans, made out of primarily bananas. That is when the rules end though.

I always get into the hab

bit of a certain meal routine. Falling in love with certain dish means that I will be eating it every single day for at least few months. I have had this with yoghurt bowls (I still do), with oatmeal and for longest with nicecream. Which was quite uncomfortable in winter at times.

One of the amazing traits of this breakfast was just how versatile it is. I rarely followed any recipe, nor created one I would stick to perfectly all the time. I just take bananas, some liquid and whatever I can find in my fridge/freezer. And so can you.

Treat this recipe as a guide on how to have perfect balance of berry and black, but if you are not really keen on the pure aesthetics of your finished product, just add whatever you like. Also the same goes for the toppings.

Goth – The New Rainbow

Food trends. Instagram pictures. Buzzfeed articles. Rainbow used to sweep over all of these places but lately it has been the “goth” food. I also talked about this haven’t I?

I for sure complained how I have been adding charcoal to my smoothies fo ros long, purely for the benefits and not so much for the look. I even hesitated to share the photos as I thought it might be a bit too much for some people. Guess i was wrong.

The reason I decided to post charcoal based bowl again is because I often struggled to find something to go well with the black and whitish base, and blueberries are my final and best pick. If you use less charcoal (like I actually did in the tutorial video – just use the recommended amount for true black). it will give a deep purple color but it still looks so pretty! The taste is bomb no matter what.

With the toppings, go wild. I was not feeling like decorating it too much like I always do but you can seriously throw whatever you like. I always enjoy toasted coconut, some more fresh berries and even dark chocolate chunks compliment it so well. Let’s not forget about some nut butter (almond is my fave).

Okay so did I convince you to try hopping on the “goth food” trend?

I hope I did.


It is so worth the taste alone.


P.S.: be careful with charcoal, that bastard has the power to color everything around.






Recipes / July 12, 2017

BLACK ICE CREAM, Charcoal Berry Nicecream Recipe (vegan)

Happy Wednesday!


It’s been two weeks since I posted my last recipe so I guessed it was about time to make my Wednesday comeback right?

I was unable to prepare anything for you at the time as I was super busy dealing with traveling and life in general.

To compensate for my absence I did prepare something amazing this week.

Shall we take a look?


Goth Food Everywhere

You may have noticed (unless you live happy disconnected life) that earlier this year a bunch of “goth” foods have flooded the internet. These crazy food trends come and go out this season it was having everything in black. Ice cream, bagels, mostly soft serve were dyed this dark deep color in order to appeal to our dark soul. I myself drooled over those quite a lot but I was a lso a bit disappointed.

Want to know why?

I made my first black ice cream already about a year ago.

Charcoal For Detox

I have discovered the powers of activated charcoal already a long time ago and I have been using it constantly ever since. I turned into it because of it superb black color, all from nature, but it also has some great health benefits. I use the one manufactured from coconut shells and I am loving it. You can order it online or maybe find it in your local health store.

When you take activated charcoal, drugs and toxins can bind to it. This helps rid the body of unwanted substances. It is often used as a treatment for mild poisoning, it is also prescribed against stomach pains and for gas relief. (that is amazing) Essentially it is a great cleansing ingredient, but you should always take it in small doses.

Luckily for us, the color payoff is incredible even for small amounts.

Berries Made Black

I used my simple berry nicecream recipe as a base for this “goth” creation. The dark berries, actually my favorites, work very well to help and create the black color. You can obviously choose any other nic ceram base but there are some rules to remember. If you want more grey, use yellow and light fruits – bananas, mangoes, pineapples, if you want more earthy and dark go either for green – kale, kiwi, or violet like me. Just remember that strong red ingredients usually end up purple instead of black. (sadly too many berries ruin the goth creation.


Other than that – GET CREATIVE! I often add a teaspoon of charcoal more for the health benefits other than the looks.

What do you think?

Will you give it a try?


Good luck! I will be looking forward to seeing you this weekend then.





Recipes / June 14, 2017

RAW Nut-free Quinoa Energy Bites Recipe (vegan), Matcha & Beetroot

It’s Wednesday again!

Are you happy to see my new recipe?

Well I was happy eating this I won’t lie. But before that, how have you been doing?

Already prepared for summer break?

I sure am not but I have some stuff planned, I just started a new job so I am trying to be okay about everything I do, or not do.

The job I am just trying is also one of my favorite things to do, food and coffee related, people do not seem like big assholes and I have not burned the place down. (yet) Sounds like a win.

When talking about some personal changes I also decided to go raw for summer, as you could have read in my last week’s fully RAW Pad Thai recipe. Have you tried it? Go for it.

With this decision I will be posting much more raw recipes and that calls for no bake desserts. Like energy balls.

Round Shaped Shots

I seriously wonder how this stupid name popped up in my head but it is somehow accurate. Personally, when I reach for one of these bites I want a quick pick-me-up, new source of power and some satisfaction for my taste buds. They are easy to make, have endless variations and are also super portable. What more could you want.

However, with multiple different recipes tried and created already, I have noticed a pattern in ingredients – loads of nuts, loads of soft fruit. And that can be heavy.

Lighten’ it up!

That is how I approached this experiment. I have to say a huge thank you to lovely , who inspired this recipe very much. I took her nut-free bliss balls and wanted to make them fully raw and a bit different. Avoiding nuts makes thee little balls lighter, less calorie dense but still super healthy and effective. Feel free to sub puffed quinoa for oats or other puffed grain, I just opted for raw bites using my homemade puffed bags of quinoa. (although that makes it not completely RAW!)










I never even planned the finishing flavors, I just threw in what I wanted to. You can truly let your fantasy go, I am sure cocoa powder, gingerbread spice, just anything would make these bites tasty.

No rules here.

With this in mind, what are you waiting for?

Are you in kitchen soaking your dates?

Important note, you will need the water. Such a waste to throw it out.


Hope you like these mini baby balls.


See you on Sunday,





Recipes / May 10, 2017

RAW OREOS, Rainbow Version For Healthier Dessert

Happy Wednesday!


I am sorry for my absence last week and I may not be able to post this Sunday either…. exams I hate you!

But for today I have my Raw oreos for you as I promised.

I published this recipe a while ago on my old tumblr. and here it is, with new coat.

The recipe for the cookies was inspired by amazing Lore but you can find my original raw oreo recipe on my tumblr.

What is it about Oreos though?

Circular Sandwich of Love

I love Oreos.

I have tried many different flavor before being vegan but one can’t deny that the original is the king of all cookies.

It is incredibly awesome that the best original flavor is “accidentally”, works as a good excuse for sneaking 3 packets of them to college every other day and eating it all within the first hour.

However, they are not really that good for you.

I am all about the treats and eating what my body wants (and needs) but as much as I want to eat Oreos all day even my body is not ok with it.

I have always considered raw desserts one of the best presents from heaven but I never tried coming up with a decent copycat of this favorite cookie.

And as much as I wish it were true, the recipe I am about to introduce you to is not a perfect taste twin of Oreos.

However, it is uncountably healthier and I extremely deliciou. I don’t want to brag but I have heard some people say they prefer this raw cookie to regular Oreos.

I believe in taking inspiration from the foods you want to veganize or make a bit healthier but at the same time no one should expect to have exactly the same taste as the “original” version. I mean there is a reason for making it different.


Healthy Fast Food?

These cookies are easy and do not require ingredients you can’t find in ordinary supermarket.

I originally created them as a part of campaign promoting healthier versions of fast food meals. It might seem a bit strange to come up with a cookie recipe for a fast food meal share but for me, it has a reason.

As I used to live every busy daily life I basically lived of fast foods and combined with my sweet tooth, it meant getting those Dunkin Donuts or McDonald’s pies, not to mention ice cream. Therefore, not only I wanted to healthify a favorite cookie but it also fits in with my past fast food habits.

I hope you like this recipe and that you are having a great time.

See you in two weeks.




Recipes / April 19, 2017


Happy Wednesday!

How was your Easter?

I can’t believe we are already past this beautiful holiday.

Have you read my last article about Easter?

I got more into detail about how different countries celebrate this spring holiday in a different way. Definitely go heck it out!

But what I have for you this week?

Well, Easter (or any holiday) is inevitably associated with consuming huge amounts of food. Family feasts, sweet and savory dishes pile up and leave you in need of serious detox.

Just like this year.

I myself got into a lot of Easter baking and cooking, remember my PEANUT BUTTER EASTER CHOCOLATE EGGS?

There are many traditional treats linked to our family celebrations, we consume a lot of sweet bread called Mazanec, make Easter stuffing and obviously dive into piles of candy.

These foods are amazing, but I do nto think any one things they are very healthy. Heavy and fatty but still making you happy. I am all for some indulgence during celebration.

So treat yourself.

Moving onto my recipe for today.

Easter Indulgence

I decided to show you another cake. Spring is my favorite season and if there is one cake that just belongs to the spring blossom mood, it is carrot cake.

I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan of carrot cake for long. I guess my inner child could’t help but feel betrayed by what seemed like adults way into ruining sweet dessert by adding vegetable. Uggh.

Only after I became vegan and discovered the beauty of vegan and raw cakes I realized my horrible misconception. Carrot cake is life!

Look at the beauty <3

Whether it is baked, raw or or somewhere in between, I love the great song of mixed spices and sweetness of carrot. The complementarity of the extra frosting adds the cherry on top.

I never made my own carrot cake. Until last week. And it is epic.

Raw Carrot Cake Heaven

I know I tend to brag about my cakes a lot but this one is seriously perfect. It took me less than 30 minutes to make, no oven involved. I stuck to simple ingredients, focusing on making them well balanced and not overwhelming. I replaced traditional cream cheese frosting with vegan classic – cashew based cream, but I decided to add a bit more creaminess with my favorite plant based yoghurt. Does this sound appealing already?

The recipe, which you can find in detail bellow, is really easy to follow. One thing I need to stress is though – fresh ginger. Many recipes require the inger flavor but what made me love this cake, and eat half of the dough straight from the food processor is the sharp taste of fresh ginger. In the recommended amount, it makes the cake feel refreshing and still doesn’t burn your taste buds. If you are afraid of ginger, feel free to adjust the amount and add a bit less.

Does your mouth water already?

Mine definitely does.

I guess I will have to make this baby once again today.



Recipes, Videos / April 2, 2017



Well, not really yet but it is already April. It means that Easter Sunday and Monday are about two weeks from now.

What are your plans?

Easter around the world

Growing up in a tiny village on Czech countryside, I was used to a big old traditional Czech Easter. Kids can’t wait for Easter Monday when they take out their woven wooden “sticks” decorated with ribbons and go trick or treating around the whole village. At least that is how traditions work here in this little country, although I have to admit, the most exciting use of these ribbony woods was when we could properly beat up each other.

Fighters, get ready!

I suppose there is much more to learn about our traditional Easter, look forward to my next week’s post, where I will be explaining all the different Easter traditions I have experienced!

This week, it is about food.

Reese’s Addiction

I do have to admit, I used to have a big addiction. I was more like a drug addict, and my drug was peanut butter covered in chocolate. Reeses. Those little devils.

Unfortunately, (or maybe luckily) Reese’s are a typical American treat and therefore, in Czech they are available only in special candy stores. One is located nearby my highschool and I may have been there every other day, bought about 5 packets of Peanut Butter cups and ate them all before even reaching the nearest tram station.

Did I feel like hell afterwards! Mainly because my stomach couldn’t really handle all that sugar and peanut butter overload. To be honest, Reese’s are not even that full with peanut butter, more like sugar and sh*t.

Which is why I am so happy homemade Reese’s are an easy and delicious treat. I have made my own vegan peanut butter cups before and they are wonderful. Now I can eat the same crazy amount and my stomach stays happy.

Easter Edition

Every year, candy companies flood the markets with special seasonal treats and Easter are no exception. Reese’s make their famous Easter eggs and I decided this year to not feel left out and make my own.

These treats are fairly easy and quick to make, all you need is a good mold. I received this crazy face eggs mold a while ago and although I think there are handier molds out there (like this one) I decided to give it a go. Therefore when making these, be sure to adjust the process according to the way your mold works.

Apart from this equipment, just grab a few more ingredients and let’s get started.


Did you like my video?

Feel free to check out all the others, show it some love by liking, sharing and subscribing to my channel.

Full recipe is down below.

I wish you all the best.







Recipes, Videos / March 19, 2017

Healthy Vegan Chocolate & Orange “Icecream” Recipe (+video)


Weekend has ended too fast didn’t it?


If you are currently too getting (emotionally) ready for Monday, I feel you.

But, we can do it.

Maybe a bit of sweet dessert could help?

That is why I am here!

The Nicecream

What a unusual name right?

Well if you do follow some of the food trends you must have come across what we call Nicecream. Essentially, it is a healthy version of ice cream made with a base of frozen blended bananas. Sounds wrong?

Trust me, it’s incredible.

I made my first nicecream a while ago and I too was sceptical. How in the world could banana blend into something as smooth and rich as ice cream?

And it does. I made very simple nicecream – banana and cocoa powder with a splash of almond milk. At the time, I was unaware of all the other options. There is an entire world of nicecream.

Flavors and colors are limitless. You can choose to make it mylky, fruity or juicy, it is all up to your mood. I myself make dozens of different flavor combinations and no nicecream is ever exactly the same.

Why would you even want to make it?

Well first of all, it’s so much better for you than traditional ice cream. Fruit is your best friend and adding nutritious supplements can even boost the benefits of your nicecream. You can make it protein rich, add some veggies or go full on antioxidant. Nothing is stopping you from eating three bowls of it, no guilt needed. Although you might be too full even after one.

Second point I want to make is that it can be entirely vegan and homemade. Vegan ice cream does exist but for example where I live, it’s nowhere close to be found. And shops do not usually sell it, or in just one flavor. WHERE THE HELL IS MY VEGAN BEN AND JERRY’S? I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG!

Sorry, but I was really excited when they announced launching it but they just do not want to get it out of the US I guess. (P.S. I hate you)

Back to my point, you as a vegan can have your ice cream fix with only the hand of a blender. And that is another thing. Because even if you are not vegan but want to make your own ice cream, it can be impossible without a special ice cream maker. I am sorry, but I do not have the money (or space) for that.

Did I get you convinced to try it? Just wait what flavor combo I have for you.

Chocolate Meets Orange

Remember my CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE BROWNIES? (if not go check them out!!)

After my lavender series, I decided to go ahead and make chocolate & orange series. It is my mom’s favorite combo and I know how beloved it is amongst many.

So my first nicecream recipe is going to be CHOCOLATE & ORANGE.



Would you like to make it?



Just freeze couple of bananas, oranges and berries, grab cocoa and either juice (which is what I used in the video) or some plant mylk and go ahead.







And you will need a blender or a food processor.

I made it all for you in a video so no excuses that you can’t follow the instructions.


Good luck and enjoy the food!!






Recipes / March 15, 2017

The Best Raw Brownies with Banana Frosting


Happy Wednesday!

This week I am writing to you a post I created with a collaboration with a wonderful company Tea and The Gang.

A quick throwback to when I transitioned into plant based diet. At the time I also had many misconceptions about a lack of vegan desserts and that I have to wave goodbye to my favorite thing – chocolate desserts.

Then one weekend, as I visited my friend we experimented with vegan recipes a lot and realized how wide and exciting the plant food world is. And that one evening, we were really craving some dessert. I wanted my chocolate cake, RIGHT NOW!


I was in no mood to actually bake, and plain chocolate bar was not enough. So I decided to make my first ever raw, super speedy dessert.

A story how my simple yet perfect raw brownies with banana frosting were born.

Somehow, the improvisation ended with such a great result, this recipe is now a favorite in my own family, but my friend’s mother never fails to serve it to her guests.

I often like to praise myself but I have to say, these are really the best raw brownies I have ever tastes.

Brownies In a Flash

Let’s get to the actual process of making these.

You will only need couple utensils –  bowl, spatula, pan/form (rectangular recommended), and either a food processor or a strong mixer.

For ingredients, I highly recommend using the combination of prunes and walnuts. You can always substitute for other dried fruit and nuts, but I find the uniqueness of these brownies in not using dates, as most of other raw desserts are full of them.

Walnuts are my personal favorite and I found them very good in combination with the little almonds.

Looking at the frosting, your bananas need to be very ripe. It won’t work as well if you use too green fruit, also the level of sweetness will further decrease.











One trick I learned when making these over and over, avocado works great as a banana substitute. I enjoyed a version when I used one avocado and one banana, but I think it would work well with just two avocados. However, again you ned to choose them carefully. No browness allowed.

Enough explanations I think.


Now let’s get to the actual recipe.


Have a great day.