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Recipes / July 26, 2017

Red Pepper Paste (Gochujang) Hummus Dressing Recipe

It is Wednesday again!

Who was looking forward to my new recipe?

Joking, I know it is just me ūüėČ

I am excited to show you today’s recipe although it is a quite an experimental one.

Let me tell you why.

Broken Tastebuds

One unplanned side effect of changing my eating habbits few years ago was the complete transformation of my taste buds. Like the old ones died and new were born.

If you asked me six years ago what I hate to eat, I could never count it even with thousands of fingers. These days, it would (beside from non-vegan category which is quite large) on one hand. I hated all veggies, now I love it all. (except for you beetroot) I also learned to eat many things just simply because they make me feel good, forgetting some unpleasant vibe I may feel.

The main change is however, in the way I taste and recognize individual ingredients, especially their amount in each food. I never had enough salt or sugar, now I season with reduced salt soy sauce and dates are my sweet level limit.

Why am I mentioning all of this?

Since I have such abnormal taste buds, many things I make do not taste the same to others. Plus I have incredibly high spice tolerance so that doesn’t make adjusting spices easier. That is another reason why I always test my meals on my family and friends. This time though, I finished it all on my own. So brace yourself.

Gochujang Everywhere

Apart from broken tastebuds I also have an incredible spice tolerance. Not sure if this is something to brag about but I can’t seriously recall any food too spicy for me. Being a flavor monster I add spicy seasoning or delicious spicy sauces to anything. I even enjoy the sweat hot food can create on your forehead. No, I am ok.

My love for extreme spice might be just another reason why I fell in love with Korean cuisine so much. Their food is literally injected with spice and flavor in every you take. Therefore I went on a shopping spree and bought as many Korean staple ingredients as I could, one of them being my beloved Gochujang paste.


What is it?

It is a staple condiment for many Korean recipes made out of gochutgaru (red chili powder), glutinous rice,¬†mejutgaru (fermented soybean powder), yeotgireum (barley malt powder), and salt. If you have ever ordered classic dish Bibimbap, it is ususally the red “stuff” on top of it. I frequently use it in my cooking and lately I have learnt to even put it on my buddha bowls and grain based salads. So even this unusual combo was created.

However, no matter how weird it may sound, I love the combo. If you can’t tolerate spice well or do not like it, feel free to adjust the Gochujang amount in this sauce. I actually put in even more but this is the appropriate amount for general human being, in my opinion. Actually, even without it the sauce will still taste great but kinda basic.

It is all your choice.


What do you think?


Yay or nay?

Let me know how you liked it.


I’ll see you on Sunday.




Recipes / June 28, 2017

How To: Almond Milk Rose Flavor Edition, Eat The Beauty / presented with KookieCat Cookies

Happy Wednesday again!

Actually at this very moment of new blogpost release I will be sitting in a train on my way to Berlin.. SO EXCITED!

Obviously I couldn’t leave without preparing another recipe for you. And this week it is so special!


Because it is a celebration of succeeded at first try making my own nut milk.

Ready to learn more?

Nuts Instead of Cows

I was never a fan of dairy milk to begin with, I kinda enjoyed it in my cereal and in baked goods but that was the end. I never truly appreciated the whole glass a milk a day and I would never want to ruin my cookies by dipping them in it. So it wasn’t very difficult to say goodbye to cow’s milk when becoming vegan, only what will I cover my cereal with?

I quickly realized I sort of hate soya milk and coconut milk has too strong taste for my breakfast bowl. Rice milk is enjoyable but my favorite is by far almond milk. I love the taste of almonds just as they are and in their milk form, they still have that delicious creamy flavor. So I chose my substitute.

Almond milk is also pretty good for you, low in sodium and high in healthy fats, it keeps your heart healthy and provides your bones with calcium and vitamin D. On top of that the high concentration of vitamin E makes almond milk perfect clear skin food.

Milk Your Own Nuts

The one complaint I hear a lot is that vegan substitutes are often much more expensive and more difficult to find. Sure, good quality almond (or any other plant) milk is on the pricier side, plus you need some digging to make sure you are buying the right kind, but it is well worth it in my opinion. The difference is not so big and you are doing it for yourself.

Also, why not just make your own milk at home? It may look like a complicated process but it is actually super easy and speedy. I too was surprised by how quickly I was able to fill up my fridge with homemade bottles of plant mylk. And let me tell you, I am never going back to storebought stuff.

That is why this week I have decided to show you how to do it yourself and save money and make your body happy. Keep in mind that similar tutorial works for other nuts and seeds as well, you might just need to adjust the measurements accordingly.

Make It Rosy

If you follow me on IG (as you should here) you could have seen how happy I was when coming home with two bottles of special edition Rose Strawberry Almond Milk. I bought this original flavor at a veggie festival and I became obsessed. Overall, I am falling more and more in love with roses and the many ways you can use these beautiful flowers.

With that in mind I set off to make my first homemade milk. I bought high quality raw whole almonds in my local bulk market (be picky with your nuts) and made sure to soak them for about 14 hours before i was ready to make the mylk. I used an empty mason jar as you need to leave enough room as the almonds expand. The only thing left was what kind of almond liquid should I make?

Remembering the lovely taste of rose strawberry combo I realized I could make it rosy too!! I did some research and learned a couple things.


Pick only pesticide free roses, homegrown are the best. (or go organic) You will only need a few leaves so do not avoid splurging a bit.

The best smelling roses taste the best as well. Smell them carefully and choose the most fragrant ones.

It is up to you how many petals you use but do not throw in too much, it might not do your body justice.


With those thing in mind I harvested few petals from my garden and started working. Last thing, to sift your milk you will need some kind of unbleached cloth. You can buy cheese cloths or nut bags or just like me, grab natural (and clean) 100 percent cotton children’s cloth.

What are we waiting for?

Let’s milk some almonds.

I sincerely hope you can be as happy with your result as I was.

The Cookie Cat Dips

I can now go dip my new Kookie Cat Cookies I received last week and I won’t be afraid about ruining their taste at all. Having a super sweet tooth and I am so happy I can snack like this knowing I am making my body both happier and healthier. As I teamed

up with the Kookie Cat company to test their beauties I wrote a bit more about them on my IG. I am excited to say that I was taken aback by the wonderful taste after being a tiny bit skeptical (like with ny product of this kind) when I checked the packaging learning that these candies are gluten free, wheat free, soy free and basically free from everything. What else is left to put inside?

The answer is just crunchy goodness. I fell in love with the nice combos, my favorite has to be Hemp Seed Cacao cookie, but for example my roommate tried to steal all of the Vanilla Choc Chip. You are doing some great work Kookie Cat Company. Plus the name is so cute :D.

Please remember that I am honestly sharing my thought with you right now. I am actually just munching on the Walnut Cocoa Cookie as I am writing and sipping my Rose Almond milk. It has almost disappeared already.

With that opinion out of my way,

what are we waiting for?

Let’s milk some almonds.

I sincerely hope you can be as happy with your result as I was.

Let me know.

See you on Sunday in Berlin.





Recipes / June 21, 2017

Wild Garlic Pesto Recipe (low-oil, raw, nut-free, vegan)

Happy Wednesday!

How are you feeling today?

I am so so tired from life but I guess that si not going to change anytime soon.

But just about a week ago I had one of the best days.
Accidentally I found a wild garlic field. It was HUGE!

I am big garlic lover and this was like heaven full of free herb for me to use up.

I went a bit overboard and ended up with four crates of wild garlic. What do I do know?

I gifted everyone I could find around and I made plans to cook as much garlic infused foods as I could but I still had so much leaves around and I would NEVER waste them.

So I thought of pesto. Naturally pestos are based around herb preserved in oil seasoning and cheese. That was not what I wanted to do.

Oil Be (Almost) Gone

I am not oil free just to make that clear. I try to stay away from oils as much as I can, especially sunflower and palm because these are THE WORST. I love oile oil though. Italian influenced upbringing made me depend on this condiment a lot but also taught me to be picky about it. I actually shop for olive oil only in Italy and bring about 30 cans home every year. Yeah next level.

Back to pestos. I knew that in order to make it preserve for longer than couple weeks I will need to include some oil. So I just decided to keep the amount much smaller and make the pesto much less runny, almost like paste. You can always mix it later on when you serve it and it will still last long while being much lighter.

Bye Bye Nuts

Second ingredient I wanted to omit were nuts. I love nuts, especially now on mostly raw diet but they are quite heavy. What could I use instead?

The ultimate nut-free cheat – sunflower seeds. These seeds are indeed much lighter than for example pine nuts, common pesto ingredient and when grinded properly, provide beautiful creamy texture to your condiment.

And with the third obstacle, cheese, we will just omit that.

Seems like we can now go make the pesto finally.

So what are you waiting for?

The recipe is just below for you, it’s easy, calls only for a few ingredients and if you lack wild garlic, just use it as guideline for preserving other fresh herbs.

Happy eating.




Recipes / March 29, 2017


Happy Wednesday!


How are you doing?

It is almost April. I have been doing this now for almost half a year. How crazy is that?

It feels like nothing to be honest. I have so much more to do and I want to improve so much I still consider myself the most basic beginner there is. But that is now what this post is about right?

It is all about Avos

Avocados are a special creature. In recent years I believe we have got ourselves into a huge avocado fever – avo are everywhere. And it goes well beyond just countless number of recipes, I myself am a proud owner of avocado socks. They have taken over the world.

It is very understandable as to why are avocados such a staple in many people’s lives these days. This plant is super nutritious, providing our bodies with all the right fats and vitamins. Avocados are super versatile, you can find it in dressings, salads smoothies, icecreams and even baking. Good example is this I published a while ago.

Do noo get me started started on the creamy texture and obviously the unique flavor. I love my avos and I eat them as much as I can.


Couple problems are to be found when storing avos. Which one is ripe? How to prevent it from turning into the ugliest sloppy black mush? It takes almost no time for avocado to turn brown. One look away and the damage is done. One trick I use is to lemon the acvo flesh and wrap it in a foil. Do not forget to keep it in the fridge once ripe. Or just use it up as quickly as you can.

Maybe turn it into this amazing guac.

Guacamole with a twist

We all probably know how to make the basic guacamole. This dip is such a staple, you can find the recipes everywhere and they are mostly the same. Therefore, when I was preparing for a family potluck last weekend and ended up with 4 avos to use, I wanted to change things up a bit. But I also craved some guac.






So why not test guac mixed with my other favorite flavors?







As many people know I am super obsessed with spicy foods, especially Korean spicy. It might be too much on most of you but I can handle it all. Kimchi is a staple (to the annoyance of people living with me) part of my fridge and Gochujang with Korean hot red pepper a.k.a. Gochugaru are must haves for my daily meal prep. I love sprinkling this bright red spice onto almost any savory meal I make and I decided to put it into my quac this time.

Weird? Maybe. But oddly enough, super delicious.

This recipe can be whipped up in the matter of minutes and the entire bowl I made, it disappeared in a second. Given that my family is very skeptical about my spicy foods, I suppose it means anyone can be as obsessed with this little twist of traditional guac.







I think I am done. So go get some ripe avocados and turn those gems into the perfect spicy guacamole. Recipe is bellow for you.


Have a lovely evening.







Recipes / January 18, 2017

Peanut Garlic Sauce, The Ultimate 3-minute Dressing Combo


It’s Wednesday a.k.a. time for another Sara’s recipe! WHo is excited?

I wanted to share with you one oldie but goodie; Peanut Garlic Sauce. I am well aware of it’s simplicity but it doesn’t make it less delicious. 

Couple facts about peanut butter first. (I did my research – suprised?)

The Wonderful Magic Powers of Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter. I could add it to absolutely anything and it always makes it taste 1000000 times better.

Not only is peanut butter delicious but it is also fairly healthy, loads of protein and saturated fats that are good for you, it also contains a fair amount of selenium and niacin (vitamin B3). It‚Äôs like we need another reason to eat more of this perfection. 

However, one thing you always have to remember when buying peanut butter is that natural is your best friend. You might think that the classic highly processed jar of peanut butter is equally healthy as his all natural twin. Unfortunately (mostly for our wallets) it is not. Common brands of peanut butter include stuff which is totally unknown to me as I can’t even pronounce it. There is also the sugar content difference; about 9 grams of sugar per 100g of peanut butter. Going for the low-fat version is going to add up even more of sugary trash.

 As a person who needs to be careful about added sugar (for medical reasons) I have to choose my peanut butter carefully. I usually shop in specialized health stores but you can get nice and better-for-you peanut butter in almost every supermarket or you can even try making it at home.

 Stop drooling over peanut butter and let’s focus on the recipe.

Garlic Peanut Sauce

I love trying out different condiments and sauces, most of the time I just add random ingredients and hope for the best. This sauce is a staple in my kitchen and it takes about 3 minutes to make it. I have gone about two weeks straight of eating it and it still feels awesome to pour it over my salad. 

I live a pretty hectic live, going to and returning from school in a complete darkness so throwing a lot of veggies into a big bowl is usually all I manage for dinner. Even if I decide to roast or steam some of it, I know this sauce has my back.


Have I raved about it enough?

I think so.

But it deserves it.


Believe me, try it yourself and you can thank me later.


Have a beautiful week.





Recipes / December 14, 2016

Sweet Avocado Dressing (with garlic)

Once the temperature jumps above a certain number (when you happily abandon your cozy sweaters) I crave raw foods more than anything else. I look for a way to not “cook” any meals and enjoy their cold, uncooked versions.

There is one meal that seems to be the easiest and most versatile uncooked meal, which¬†is also generally stereotyped to be the only thing vegans and veggie lovers eat; the king of “healthy” meals ¬†– salad.

Sometimes I get really annoyed as most people, who do not know much about veganism or plant-based diet assume that I can’t eat any other thing than lettuce. I can promise you¬†that no sane person fills up solely on greens, who would ever want to live a sad and empty life without chocolate?

Furthermore, salads come in many varied forms, different bases, addition of some whole grains or spicing it up with some fruit or unusual dressing create many delicious meals all labeled salad. There are many reasons I eat it so often (but never for every meal), Рyou can even make salad warm, adding some cooked veg or starch.

However, I consider mixing different kinds of dressing the easiest way to change up your salad game Рone day its umami miso, next time just simple vinaigrette or peanut butter based deliciousness.


Once I had so many almost overripe avocados but was craving salad so much, and I thought; why not try making avocado based dressing? It is a really great way of using up avos ready to be abandoned.


I tried many versions of avocado dressing but the one I am about to introduce you to today is one of my absolute favorites – THE SWEET GARLIC AVOCADO dressing.

Never had I imagined how good is adding sweet (especially the date syrup) to a mix of avo and garlic. You might not be thrilled by the idea of that much garlic in your meal but my love for its taste is endless and you can always reduce the amount or omit it entirely (if you like it though, it tastes amazing in this spread).

Another great aspect of this dressing is, that you can easily use it as a spread, just add a bit less lime juice or do not use any water to thin as I suggest doing for the liquid dressing.

So, not only is this awesome salad coating but also tasty spread.

This recipe added to my delicious buddha bowl.






Did I also mention how healthy and good is it for you ?

I mean, there is no ingredient lacking massive amounts of valuable nutrients and vitamins. Healthy fats in avocado are super good for your body and garlic is just vitamin powerhouse. All these nourishments in a creamy and smooth form of simple sauce.


Okay, I will stop drooling over my screen now (it is just dressing I know) and let you look at the recipe.

Hope you enjoy making it!


Have fun,