From Prologue to Epilogue In England

My life has changed dramatically when I decided to move to England. I had no idea what to expect as I have previously only visited Great Britain for a few days so my expectations were mostly based on cultural stereotypes common in foreign countries. These days the cultural images blend greatly as we slowly erase all borders between countries especially when on the same continent. Internet media our own individual travels bring us closer and closer together so it might seem like we shouldn’t expect any major differences. However, nothing is what it seems from the distance when you meet it up-close and I have found out that very soon after I have officially arrived in England.
From Prologue To Epilogue In England is a story based on the journey I have undergone during the last year but strives to look more to the future as well. It is open to individual interpretations as it tries to discover more deeply the challenges and struggles of growing up and dealing with all the aspects influencing and shaping the way we live our lives, no matter where we are at the moment.
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From Prologue to Epilogue In England, Short Movie

We just left 2016 behind and it’s time I talk about what I was so busy with over the last couple weeks. In November, I learned that Adam Young (a.k.a. Owl City for most of you) announced a short film contest. The entire idea was closely connected to his 2016 work, where he released a new score every month. All of the albums are inspired by some significant historical event – from man on the moon to project Excelsior, not to mention they are all incredibly beautiful and absolutely worth listening.  Being a fan of Adam’s work ever since I can remember, it took me little time deciding whether or not to try participating. However, although ideas were quickly coming how to transform them into reality?

I have been creating videos since the last summer but I am a huge amateur and short movie is a whole another level. For sure it is impossible to turn my vision into an actual film.

Or is it?


From Dream To Reality

I have started my internet work mostly because of my journey to England and that is all because it is one of the most influential aspects of my past. If you experienced something similar, you might understand why it keeps appearing in anything I do. 

First bigger projected inspired by my experience was From Prologue To Epilogue In England; PhotostoryI put together this photo serious as a part of my Photography studies whilst still in England, telling my story for the first time. 

So when I thought about my first short movie and listened to Apollo 11 score I was sure I want to transform these photos into a bigger thing. I showed the world just a glimpse of my journey so far but I feel like it is a good start point.




From Prologue To Epilogue In England; The Movie

The process of making a short movie wasn’t easy.

I have many people I am very grateful for helping me and taking part in this project. My friends who directly appeared in the movie or stood behind the camera, all those who listened to me confusing myself with the ideas and plans. My friends who would pick up the phone and give me all kinds of advice and support I needed. 

I will be creating a post showing you all the behind the scenes from this movie and I hope you like it. 

Another thing I want to point out is, that it is not just about the contest. Adam’s work has been my guide and inspiration for many years and I feel happy being able to use his work to creating something myself. I appreciate the generosity behind this competition but most of all the motivation it gave me to try something new and exciting. I worked hard and I am very happy for everyone who takes a look and likes the outcome. It was also amazing seeing all the other participants sharing their original work and ideas.


So for the last time, thank you.

Maybe you can take a look and tell me what you think?


Happy New Year everyone, let’s make this legendary. 






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Leaving England, Journey To England And Back Again


More than six months ago I left England after living there for almost a year. As much as I had many thoughts about moving there I had even more when I was about to leave. How much it surprised me when the time I expected to last forever was over?


I loved England and I hated it as well. Every place and every situation has positives and negatives and as I was leaving I had enough time to realize all of them and reflect on the last year.


I wrote a blog post on my tumblr and when I read it last week, I realized how much I appreciated noting down the mess my brain was while I was packing.

Whenever I talk or read about people’s experience from living in a foreign country I rarely see what happens as people leave. I felt like I wanted to share with the world what it is like to abandon a place and all the people in there and return to the place you decided to leave on a similar manner before.


Although I already posted this article on my tumblr I didn’t have my blog at the time and I think it might be a good idea to share it here again as well.

If you think it might interest you by any chance you could also check the video I made inspired by my journey?

Hope you enjoy it.

What am I doing now as I am leaving? 

So it’s almost gone.

Time flies by and I am left witness than two weeks in the country I once expected to stay in forever.

Am I sad that it is not true?

Maybe. I don’t really know what to think right now. As the time of my departure comes closer I am slowly realizing how much I don’t want to go but the there are moments when  all I want is to just pack my things and leave immediately.

Life doesn’t become flawless no matter how much we wish for it to be and I was really silly holding that delusion. 

This year has brought me many positives and negatives on somewhat equal terms and I know I will have to face it’s consequences once I am officially gone.

I feel that the biggest fear that has been hunting my mind lately is how is it going to look like once I am back? Is it going to be like this year ever happened?

I don’t think I can do that.

I am certain that would break me.

I have never imagined I will have to go back and now I don’t know how to deal with the reality to be honest. I feel like I have changed so much over the course of the past year and probably matured a lot or whatever you want to call it. In so many ways I feel different I might be unrecognizable to many people who have faded out of my life for even a short while.

And I like it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am obviously scared that not all the chance is exactly brilliant but no one is perfect and I have to learn to accept that. I honestly think I like myself better than I did a year ago.

I love all the people I was lucky to surround myself with during my stay here and I have to admit I like the way I can interact with them. I am not bounded my previous selves and people here see me as I am know, not holding the past against me in any way. Some might say that they don’t really know who I really am if I have changed as much as I say I did but that is stupid. I think it’s the exact opposite. I am not nearly at the end of the horrific and suffocating journey to finding myself but I think this year I have gotten closer than ever an I would lie saying I am not even tiny bit proud of it.

That is probably another part of my great fear. Will I have to change going back? How much I am who I am now because of all the people around me and the place I live in?

Many times I am left wondering how will the people look at me when I am back? But also how would the people here react if they met me two years ago or more importantly a year from now? How much of a difference can be created by such a short period of time?

I am certain I will unfortunately limg_4ose contact with many people I know here but I also know that many of the people I used to know back then re not going to accept me as I am now.

And that is ok.

I don’t want to go back to the life I had year ago and I will have to fight it a lot. But f anything I am sure that I am stronger than I was a year ago and I will try my best to be the best self I can be.

Am I scare to death?


Am I sad to sad to be leaving?


Am I looking forward to leaving?