Recipes, Videos / December 9, 2017

Microwave Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe (video)

Happy Sunday!

How is your life?

I am frankly just about to celebrate breathing. That is how much I am not handling my finals. I feel the pain of anyone going through the same torturous weeks and I try to be the most positive myself about surviving it all.

But I think I will fail at it.


after being absent for a week and “only” managing to write this awesome new Benton product review I have a new video for you.


It is also my first recipe since I came to Korea.

I call it Cooking With No Kitchen Series.

No Cooking Allowed

I was very excited moving to Korea, I really was. New school, new life, new room. New room… that was the most horrifying part of it. What will I do without kitchen?! In the recent years I have not only begun to cook so much just for the love of it but also I need to deliver enough healthy nutrients to my body. And all on vegan diet. But the biggest part is that I started putting really a lot of passion into my photography and delivering new recipes every week. I had to just absorb that I will have to put all of that on hold until I move out of the dorms (hopefully in just a year).

The sad reality is that although there is a community kitchen in my dorms, I have used it about twice? It’s really bad. Utensils that you don’t want to use, constant smell of ramen and basically no cleaning morale. The worst is that I have to march through half of the building with all of my ingredients and utensils if I want to cook anything. And it’s both tiring and really time consuming. So I gave up early in the semester.

The only food place we have is a community microwave/fridge room. The rules for the fridges are pretty tight, people still take your food and I take up half of one of the fridges. The microwaves are ok but constantly filthy and smelly. But it is all I work with no. And when I met some of my friends they wondered: “What do you cook? How?”. And from that i got the idea to start making easy, mundane recipes for dorm cooking.

How Cooking Without Kitchen Series was born.

Oats, Oats, And More Oats

Let’s start off with oatmeal. It is simple, filling and delicious. Not to mention it is a great superfood. I was honestly waiting for the temperatures to drop so I could dive into my oatmeal season. Every single day it is what powers me and makes me get up. I switch the toppings and with that even the seasoning but the base remains. I thought it would be hard making it without a stove top, but no, microwave does it all. It won’t be as perfect but it is all I could wish for.

During the weekdays I usually soak the oatmeal base overnight to make it a bit faster in the morning but this recipe was made on the weekend hence no pre-soaking. It works both ways, I just cook it a bit less if I soaked it beforehand. As for the amount of mylk I just adjust it based on how I want my oatmeal to be, if I have a lot of dense toppings I make sure to make it creamier. Why did I suggest microwaving your apple as well? Sometimes I want the feel of soft, applesauce like fruit and microwaving it helps a lot. (tip – works best when you need to use up older apples) Want it all fresh and crispy? Just add it afterwards.

As you may have noticed I also added a persimmon. There are three simple reasons for it – it’s persimmon season meaning they are cheaply everywhere in Korea, I need to eat a bigger breakfast to feel even half full, and I just like them. Feel free to add any other topping that can work well with the cinnamon & apple combo.

Now, let’s get cooking. No more excuses that you can’t have delicious and healthy breakfast in the dorms. You don’t have to live of ramen forever.

Hope you like it.






TIP: for all my oat and health food lovers in Korea, I order most of my ingredients from this site.

They offer free shipping to Korea when you spend over 40$ (buy in bulk) and you can find anything from the “foreign” and health category, even household and beauty, for very good prices.

Recipes / September 7, 2017

Black Rice Coconut Porridge with Mango Recipe

Happy Wednesday!


I know I have said that things will be a bit different now since I am in Korea na dit is true.

Sadly I will not be able to do as much cooking and food blogging as I wanted to and tried to do. It makes me very sad as I am struggling to even cook the meals I want to eat and on top of that to even make them pretty. I am constantly pushed around by expenses, Korean cuisine and lack of proper cooking facilities.

Do not worry though it sounds worse then it is. I still consider myself vegan, on a plant based, healthy diet. It just got a bit boring, unpredictable and basic. I am currently unable to create a lot of new recipes but I do not plan on giving up food.

Korea has so much to offer.

Vegan in Korea

Well, this is a big and exhausting topic to cover and I will do it one day. Just not now as I would need about 10000 words to cover half of it. I simply wanted to state that no, I am not giving up veganism because it’s too hard. The circumstances force me to be a bit more limited, budget a lot more and stop being squeamish about some minor vegan pet peeves but I am still trying my best. I love doing it and my body loves it and that’s all I can do.

On a more brighter note I will be sharing with you a lot more other interesting things from my new life in Korea. Later I want to talk about Korean food for vegans, maybe when I have more options try to come up with handy vegan tricks and tips. I wish to also make my favorite food into vegan version. Mainly I will be focusing on my adventures from eating at different places , introducing a lot of traditional and not-so-traditional Korean foods, talk about the culture. Let’s not forget about the life here itself.

Black Magic Rice

Wow, I got too off topic. Back to the recipe.

One of the ast dishes I tried and created before i moved to Korea was inspired by my beloved Vietnamese influenced cafe in Prague. That place is magical, magically hipster and a go-to spot for all food and social bloggers. I mean it’s so cool. The one food I fell in love with was their Mango Coconut Chao a.k.a. Mango Coconut Rice Porridge. Who doesn’t love porridge?

I certainly do and I also love rice. Combined sweetness and creaminess of mango and coconut soaked rice makes your mouth water and your stomach happy. There are many ways in which you can prepare your rice porridge but I decided to spice things up a bit and make it even more special.

Using black rice gives it even more nutritional value although it makes it a bit more unique in taste. For those unfamiliar with it, black rice (or also know as “forbidden rice”) is a great source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants (more than in blueberries). It is commonly used in East Asian countries, desserts with it are my favorite. And that is how I created this recipe.

Making it a bit more healthier and fairly simple I fell in love with it immediately. You can buy black rice at most health food stores or order it online. Just make it.

It is well worth it.


Will you give it a shot?


I am going to make it as soon as I get my kitchen back.







Recipes / August 16, 2017

Rose Coconut Raw Cheesecake Bars, a.k.a. Time For Afternoon Tea

Happy afternoon!


How are you doing this time?

This week I have yet another recipe for you but it is tiny bit special. To celebrate The Afternoon Tea Week I’ve teamed up with @wearetea to create some perfect dessert enjoyed with a great cup of tea!

The Tea Kingdom

I am sorry to say it declare it like this but from my experience no other country values their tea as much as Britain. And English tea is definitely something to be proud of. Unfortunately, I still prefer other kinds of tea then the traditional Black one and I will not be putting milk in it. However, one thing I do appreciate is the overall tea culture.

Living on the island for some time I became truly accustomed to the whole tea culture and it is so nice. Having a cup of tea solves everything. And watching the afternoon tea at cafes, old ladies, young couples everyone can enjoy a good cake and a tea when it is tea time.

Speaking of cake, I shall finally introduce my recipe right?

Floral Cheesecake

A while ago I posed a recipe for one of my favorite treats, raw cheesecake flavored with lavender. It has truly became one of my best recipes and I am happy to try another version. At the time I had lavender serious but lately, I tried a lot of recipes with another flower – rose. Roses are the queens of flowers, they offer greta health benefits to our bodies so why not try it even in dessert?

Raw cheesecake recipes are very easy and versatile. They might look a bit daunting but do not worry at all. It is much easier then it looks.

Roses are truly great but to give these cheesecake bars a bit more flavor, I decided to use fresh blackberries (harvest season) both as a filling and in the batter as well. It combines with the roses so well, it doesn’t overpower them at all. Personally I think raspberries would work well too, it will just be even sweeter and more pink. Just be careful of frozen fruit as it will release water and change the consistency of your batter a lot.

Cashews And Coconuts

I already said that I am slowly starting to fall in love with everything containing coconuts and in this recipe I used this amazing nut again. I already tried different versions of raw cheesecake batters but so far, the combo of plant yoghurt with soaked cashews works best for me. Both consistency and taste wise, I am in love with this combination. I usually reached for soy based yoghurt but this time I swapped it for coconut to have even more flavor.

Before making this cheesecake bars be sure to soak your cashews in cold water (bets is to leave them overnight) and that you have your psyllium husk ready. This ingredient is absolutely crucial otherwise your cheesecake won’t harden at all. Psyllium husk is essentially a form of fibre extracted from Plantago plant and has many health benefits on top of being a great food thickener. If your cheesecake seems too runny, just mix in a but more of this powder.

So what are we waiting for?

Let’s go to the kitchen and make some delicious cake. DO not forget to serve with a nice cup of tea, it is the Afternoon Tea Week isn’t it?


Have a great afternoon.






Recipes / August 9, 2017

Coconut Watermelon Refreshing Drink

Happy August!


It is the time when we already have to mentally prepare for fall right?

Or not?


For me it is more about mentally preparing for endless days spent studying again… although I know so many people didn’t even get the blessing ou summer break so I will finally stop complaining (or not…).

But before giving up on summer days spent sweating outside I prepared something to make them a bit more enjoyable.

What ingredient is the ultimate sanity saver?

Watermelon – How To Buy It Right?

I could never count have many watermelons I consume during their season. Once these round fruits start appearing on the grocery store shelves, I attack them like there is no tomorrow. The hunt for good, juicy but not bland watermelon is a serious mission, especially living in a middle european, 4 seasoned country with no means of producing these tropical gems itself.

Over time I have found my most trusted shops and I have learned a few tricks on how to pick the best one. Shall I share?

  1. Unless you are lucky enough to have specialized healthy grocery stores (whole foods I miss you :() I would stay away from their produce. Not only are they overpriced, you can rarely see what is inside and that is crucial. Plus they are just worse quality.
  2. Shop at farmers market or local small shop. I was able to purchase one of the best melons and produce in general at farmers market. They let you buy only halves or quarters, are cheaper and much better tasting. Lately, I only purchase my melons from small Chinese man owned quick shop (the kinds we have all over Prague) and I am never disappointed.
  3. Look inside your melon. There is no better way of picking the best fruit then by looking how it looks on the inside. Not only you can see potential faults, you can see how juicy/flour like it is and can avoid buying the wrong one.
  4. For drinks, smoothies, freeze your watermelon. Many times I happened to buy too much of this fruit but before it gets bad, I throw it in a freezer. You won’t be able to eat it plain afterwards but to use it up for any recipe (like this one) it is still perfect. PLus you can stock up for when watermelons are out of season.

See, now you do not eve have to buy shitty melon again.

Coconut Meets Fruit

I have a confession – I really used to hate coconuts so much. To be fair, I hated so many different foods I can’t live without now that this should not be such a big deal to me. Apart from liking fresh coconut, coconut chips and yoghurt I even started getting into the coconut milk lately. I usually do not swap it for my beloved almond milk in my breakfast but I do use it a lot for cooking.

I bought the uncanned kind recently and realized I can make something tasty to drink with it. What about a refreshing smoothie? I have to say I was most perplexed by the pure visual effect of combining coconut milk with watermelon but the taste turned out to be phenomenal. (my friend drank all the 3 bottles I filled that day) To add more flavor I opted for more summer suited ingredients like lime and mint (mojito anyone?)

Feel free to add the optional pineapple but I wanted to make it a bit richer and thicker the second time and adding some yellow felt just right.

What do you think?

Would you sipp this on a boiling beach or not?

I hope you can enjoy some summer joy.


See you later.






Recipes, Videos / August 6, 2017

Blueberry Black Ice cream (Nicecream) Recipe Video

Happy weekend!


How was yours this time?


I had pretty busy days at work and today is actually my last they there!

Switching places again am I?

It is a huge change but you may still have no clue what the hell am I talking about so I will just stop for now.

Instead let’s talk about nicecream.

Endless Rotation

This is not my first nicecream recipe so I won’t talk about it too much. Just simply for those who still have no idea how this weird name found it’s way into our lives, nicecream is ice cream for vegans, made out of primarily bananas. That is when the rules end though.

I always get into the hab

bit of a certain meal routine. Falling in love with certain dish means that I will be eating it every single day for at least few months. I have had this with yoghurt bowls (I still do), with oatmeal and for longest with nicecream. Which was quite uncomfortable in winter at times.

One of the amazing traits of this breakfast was just how versatile it is. I rarely followed any recipe, nor created one I would stick to perfectly all the time. I just take bananas, some liquid and whatever I can find in my fridge/freezer. And so can you.

Treat this recipe as a guide on how to have perfect balance of berry and black, but if you are not really keen on the pure aesthetics of your finished product, just add whatever you like. Also the same goes for the toppings.

Goth – The New Rainbow

Food trends. Instagram pictures. Buzzfeed articles. Rainbow used to sweep over all of these places but lately it has been the “goth” food. I also talked about this haven’t I?

I for sure complained how I have been adding charcoal to my smoothies fo ros long, purely for the benefits and not so much for the look. I even hesitated to share the photos as I thought it might be a bit too much for some people. Guess i was wrong.

The reason I decided to post charcoal based bowl again is because I often struggled to find something to go well with the black and whitish base, and blueberries are my final and best pick. If you use less charcoal (like I actually did in the tutorial video – just use the recommended amount for true black). it will give a deep purple color but it still looks so pretty! The taste is bomb no matter what.

With the toppings, go wild. I was not feeling like decorating it too much like I always do but you can seriously throw whatever you like. I always enjoy toasted coconut, some more fresh berries and even dark chocolate chunks compliment it so well. Let’s not forget about some nut butter (almond is my fave).

Okay so did I convince you to try hopping on the “goth food” trend?

I hope I did.


It is so worth the taste alone.


P.S.: be careful with charcoal, that bastard has the power to color everything around.






Recipes / August 2, 2017

How To Make The Mason Jar Salad, Rainbow Salad Recipe

Happy Wednesday!

How is it knowing that you are already in the middle of your summer break?

How did August happen?

Well, I am already getting ready for my big change (on that a bit later) and I am trying many new things to make it all a bit easier.

One thing is, I need to get ready to pack my meals again.

Lovely meal prep, I did not miss you.

Eating On The Go

I spent the whole year in England meal prepping almost EVERY SINGLE meal I ate. Two reasons: I am healthy vegan and most importantly – England is freaking expensive.

We all know that the most important reasons people meal prep are similar, health and money. I tried to continue doing it even back here in Prague but honestly, I never had time to eat more than just an apple (no breaks here really) and I kinda got out of that routine. With summer spent in school again, running to work right after, I needed to save money so I started meal prepping again.

It is so nice to feel healthy and richer, but I needed to experiment more in order to enjoy this whole extra work again. Dropping by my favorite sushi place is so easy.

What new trick did I try?

Mason Jar For Hipsters

They are everywhere. Uniquely squared, varied in sizes and shapes, mason jars pop up everywhere. People serve drinks in them, now even food. Well, they are just jars though.

I have to admit, I kinda like the look of mason jars. They seem to be very pretty for just a jar. So I wasn’t against any of these special serving trends, nor the mason jar meals. The only reason I have not tried it before is because it just felt too small. I eat a lot, I really do.

However, I couldn’t’ resist anymore so I made my Mason Jar Rainbow for school lunch one day. And it turned out so well!

Pretty and super efficient, and boy was I mistaken! I managed to stuff the jar with so much food! Green leafy greens are really complaint.

You can totally mix up the entire veggie construction of your jar, just remember few rules.

  1. sauce ni first
  2. the crunchiest, hardest veggie on the bottom – something that can withstand the sauce instead of breaking
  3. follow in order from sturdiest to finishing with leaves

Simple as that, now you can go make your salad jar. Next time, I will definitely be trying more meals in a hippie jar, which one should I start with?

Have a lovely day,







Recipes / July 26, 2017

Red Pepper Paste (Gochujang) Hummus Dressing Recipe

It is Wednesday again!

Who was looking forward to my new recipe?

Joking, I know it is just me 😉

I am excited to show you today’s recipe although it is a quite an experimental one.

Let me tell you why.

Broken Tastebuds

One unplanned side effect of changing my eating habbits few years ago was the complete transformation of my taste buds. Like the old ones died and new were born.

If you asked me six years ago what I hate to eat, I could never count it even with thousands of fingers. These days, it would (beside from non-vegan category which is quite large) on one hand. I hated all veggies, now I love it all. (except for you beetroot) I also learned to eat many things just simply because they make me feel good, forgetting some unpleasant vibe I may feel.

The main change is however, in the way I taste and recognize individual ingredients, especially their amount in each food. I never had enough salt or sugar, now I season with reduced salt soy sauce and dates are my sweet level limit.

Why am I mentioning all of this?

Since I have such abnormal taste buds, many things I make do not taste the same to others. Plus I have incredibly high spice tolerance so that doesn’t make adjusting spices easier. That is another reason why I always test my meals on my family and friends. This time though, I finished it all on my own. So brace yourself.

Gochujang Everywhere

Apart from broken tastebuds I also have an incredible spice tolerance. Not sure if this is something to brag about but I can’t seriously recall any food too spicy for me. Being a flavor monster I add spicy seasoning or delicious spicy sauces to anything. I even enjoy the sweat hot food can create on your forehead. No, I am ok.

My love for extreme spice might be just another reason why I fell in love with Korean cuisine so much. Their food is literally injected with spice and flavor in every you take. Therefore I went on a shopping spree and bought as many Korean staple ingredients as I could, one of them being my beloved Gochujang paste.


What is it?

It is a staple condiment for many Korean recipes made out of gochutgaru (red chili powder), glutinous rice, mejutgaru (fermented soybean powder), yeotgireum (barley malt powder), and salt. If you have ever ordered classic dish Bibimbap, it is ususally the red “stuff” on top of it. I frequently use it in my cooking and lately I have learnt to even put it on my buddha bowls and grain based salads. So even this unusual combo was created.

However, no matter how weird it may sound, I love the combo. If you can’t tolerate spice well or do not like it, feel free to adjust the Gochujang amount in this sauce. I actually put in even more but this is the appropriate amount for general human being, in my opinion. Actually, even without it the sauce will still taste great but kinda basic.

It is all your choice.


What do you think?


Yay or nay?

Let me know how you liked it.


I’ll see you on Sunday.




Recipes, Videos / July 23, 2017

Quick Bircher Muesli Recipe + What I Eat In a Day Video

Sunday is here!


Are you sad the weekend is over?


I for sure am but I am also excited for more summer classes. Yes, I am such a nerd.

What are you up to?

This week I have a bit different video and post for you.

What the hell I eat?

I could never count how many times someone asked me this question. I also think I had enough rants and gave explanations in regard to my diet. Some people are borderline ignorant, some just curious. And i do enjoy showing people some delicious things I eat happily on a daily basis. That is kinda why I am doing all of this.

Anyway, I do enjoy watching these sort of daily meal videos and I do enjoy making them. So here is yet another one.

Summer No Cooking Time

I called this one summer home cooking although I didn’t really even cook. I explained that I go mostly raw in summer so even in this video, most of these dishes are just throwing un cooked things together. It doesn’t make them less delicious though, don’t worry.

As I go to school and work, I also had to stop by and eat out on the go but I made sure to show you how I prepared my breakfast, with full super delicious and filling recipe and also my big dinner bowl. I do prepare my meals a lot even for work and school but with this heat, I have nowhere to store it and it would go really bad after just one lesson. So that is my excuse.

The recipes I showed you are not extremely special, they are tasty but efficient. Just like any other fairly busy person I can’t style up and play with my food 24/7. I just make sure it is all nutritious and makes me feel great. Even when I eat out.


What are your daily habits when it comes to food?

I obviously did not include all my little snacks and nibbles, such as bags of dates and cooling water melon, which are my two latest obsessions. I hope you could have seen some inspirational meal prep and that you can enjoy the recipe as well.

Fyi, the tahini dressing can be found on my blog, section recipes as well.


Hope you enjoyed it and that you are having a great weekend.


See you next time.




Recipes / July 19, 2017

Simple No Cook Bulgur Tabbouleh

Happy Wednesday!


How is the weather where you are?

I know, immediate small weather talk but I just have to complain again.

Seriously, it has been like a rollercoaster here in Prague over the last few day. Storms, tropical heat, cold af, wind and all over again. My body hates it as much as all my things that get rained on every single time I go out.

Sometimes I forget how crazy summer break weather in Czech is really like.

But back to the point of this article.


Yes, another food inspired by amazing cousin and my ultimate party crowd pleaser.

Which remind me that I need to go and make it again.

How did it start?

Party Emergency

This delicious and easy recipe started off as a last minute save me project for our family party.

Basically, about 10 people were supposed to roam in into my house in couple hours and our premade salad was eaten by our cat. Yes, I am not kidding our cat eats and flips over salad bowl (to be fair it had tuna in).

So what do we do?

How do we feed everyone?

We had so much veggies and stuff to grill but nothing to put on the side.

I obviously was left to take care of it but with so much workload I didn’t have time to cook and chopp. One of the sides I always enjoyed with my Bristolian Falafel was definitely Tabbouleh but I have never tried it at home.

This seemed like the perfect way to try it, especially after my Israeli friend told me that the best way to make the grain – in my case bulgur, is to let it sit and not actively cook it.

So here is how this baby came to live.

Bulgur Because Why Not

Grains are baes. Healthy, filling and so versatile. I love experimenting with them in my kitchen, the biggest staple being rice of course.

Lately I wanted to explore more of the grainy world therefore I bought a huge bag of bulgur. In tabbouleh, I would normally reach for couscous as that is the most common base I have encountered in this salad but bulgur seemed like a good idea.

I wasn’t wrong. Bulgur worked so well and took only about 60 min to be fully ready. You need to soak it before, I used diluted vegetable stock for more flavor but plain water works as well.

After remaking it multiple times I learned that the best way to prepared this salad is to actually let the bulgur soak in overnight. The texture is then perfectly to my taste.


Have I convinced you to give it a try?

I hope so.

Let’ see how it turns out for you.


See ya later




Recipes / July 12, 2017

BLACK ICE CREAM, Charcoal Berry Nicecream Recipe (vegan)

Happy Wednesday!


It’s been two weeks since I posted my last recipe so I guessed it was about time to make my Wednesday comeback right?

I was unable to prepare anything for you at the time as I was super busy dealing with traveling and life in general.

To compensate for my absence I did prepare something amazing this week.

Shall we take a look?


Goth Food Everywhere

You may have noticed (unless you live happy disconnected life) that earlier this year a bunch of “goth” foods have flooded the internet. These crazy food trends come and go out this season it was having everything in black. Ice cream, bagels, mostly soft serve were dyed this dark deep color in order to appeal to our dark soul. I myself drooled over those quite a lot but I was a lso a bit disappointed.

Want to know why?

I made my first black ice cream already about a year ago.

Charcoal For Detox

I have discovered the powers of activated charcoal already a long time ago and I have been using it constantly ever since. I turned into it because of it superb black color, all from nature, but it also has some great health benefits. I use the one manufactured from coconut shells and I am loving it. You can order it online or maybe find it in your local health store.

When you take activated charcoal, drugs and toxins can bind to it. This helps rid the body of unwanted substances. It is often used as a treatment for mild poisoning, it is also prescribed against stomach pains and for gas relief. (that is amazing) Essentially it is a great cleansing ingredient, but you should always take it in small doses.

Luckily for us, the color payoff is incredible even for small amounts.

Berries Made Black

I used my simple berry nicecream recipe as a base for this “goth” creation. The dark berries, actually my favorites, work very well to help and create the black color. You can obviously choose any other nic ceram base but there are some rules to remember. If you want more grey, use yellow and light fruits – bananas, mangoes, pineapples, if you want more earthy and dark go either for green – kale, kiwi, or violet like me. Just remember that strong red ingredients usually end up purple instead of black. (sadly too many berries ruin the goth creation.


Other than that – GET CREATIVE! I often add a teaspoon of charcoal more for the health benefits other than the looks.

What do you think?

Will you give it a try?


Good luck! I will be looking forward to seeing you this weekend then.