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Welcoming 2018 From Tropical Paradise



How are you today?


It’s 2018 already… and I am not at all ok with it.

For some reason this New Year’s Eve I was scared of the numbers changing… for some reason I felt as I have not accomplished anything worth the year to end.

Such a stupid worry right?

But often so common for people around.

Two Day Changes

January 1st: The day people transform their lives.

For two days.

Yesterday I read this funny quote (sorry I forgot the author) and I had to laugh at how much it is true. Towards the end of every year people start reflecting on all their missteps and not so visible victories and  get ready to set a tremendous list of resolutions to make the next year different. We all know it: I will work out every day. I will eat healthy. I will learn a new language.

How many of these plans actually last? I dare to say that barely any of us is able to keep such vague and glorious promises. We might be lucky sticking to our new salad plan for the first week of January before realizing once again why it doesn’t work, saying f*ck it and giving up. And so most 2018 resolutions will end up unfulfilled and only making the end of the year a more miserable sight to reflect on.

Why do we torture ourselves?

Day Like The Other

Spending my first Christmas and New Years outside of my original winter wonderland home I was not perfectly happy about it all. I am indeed just a child with an adult’s ID. Don’t get me wrong, Thailand is awesome but I missed the typical setting that would give the holiday season the “proper” mood. And so Christmas as well as New Year’s Eve seemed to pass me by only half noticed, like it was all happening somewhere else.

What this all gave me though was the pure realization of how all these days are the same. Christmas Eve is special only because we make it special, spending it with the special people and eating special food. New Year’s Eve is special by letting humans especially drunk. Why do we stress about those days?

Even if you do not have the perfect presents, you do not have a guy or a girl to take out for some party it is ok. These days are just a way to have some festivity in our lives and it is on us how we embrace it. I ended up spending the midnight countdown in bed with stomach ache. Do you see my point?

A little side note: I started writing this post intending to mention the traditions of Thailand. I learned that here the major celebration is on 31st of December and that is also the time people give each other presents. Christmas is indeed mainly just for tourists and Thailand started proper celebrations week later. The cities were stuck, traditional dress was taken out and people ate a lot of food. Our hotel served 3 day grilled buffet on top of everything you can get in their restaurant. I tried my documenting it in my video 😉

The Point Of This Babble

To finish this in a bit more civilized manner I wanted to share with you my two main observations. First, let’s end useless new year resolutions. You won’t miraculously wake up being a new person. Instead, try setting smaller goals to make everyday life a bit less stressful. Walk one station more, eat one more fruit a day. Block that a*se on Facebook.

Second, New Year is just another day. Unless you want to make it special it won’t really be. Do not feel bad about missing out on something, about not having the perfect party. If you want to go out, do it but if you don’t feel like it, it’s ok. Stop waiting for this “special” days to bring everything you want to you and instead make every other day feel special in a way you can feel great about.


Did it all make sense?

I hope it did and I hope you enjoyed my little video too.

Have a great ordinary days.





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