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The Vegan Paradise In Thailand

Happy weekend!

And welcome to my last post of 2017! What is going on? How did it all end so fast?

Am I the only one feeling this way?

Anyway, I am still writing this from Thailand and although my stay is slowly (or quickly) coming to an end I am going to talk about my first days in this beautiful country.

What was I up to?

Welcome to Bangkok

In my life I have happi;y traveled to many places but the region of south and east Asia has always been out of my reach. Moving to Korea meant that now I get much bigger chance at exploring the wonders and gems of all the countries here. Thailand ended up being the first holiday destination. It was hard swapping my winter wonderland for warm beachy Thailand for a time like Christmas but I was really excited to see Bangkok for the first time.

Flight from Seoul ended up being much longer than I expected and a bit like my nightmare, freezing whilst having my neighbors elbow stuck firmly in my ribs. Arriving early in the morning Bangkok was still covered in darkness but that didn’t stop every car in the city from roaming in the streets. Got ripped of paying for taxi to the center but I arrived. And I immediately had to go shopping.

Located in the heart of Bangkok is the huge Siam Discovery shopping mall. Filled with shops from top to bottom I was surprised to see so much stuff here. From Sephora to Etude House (felt like in Korea quite a lot) I had way too many options where to spend money. Which I managed to do well. Thailand is seemingly cheap but that just makes you lose more money.

After wasting all your cash where to go next?

All You Can Eat Fruit Heaven

I obviously had to eat. And for vegan what is better about Thailand then the incredible tropical fruit? When I accidentally discovered there is an All You Can Eat Buffet at Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok I couldn’t resist. For only about $10 you have unlimited access for 90 minutes to all the fruit you can imagine plus much more. Fruits you have never seen in this small  but nice buffet, freshly cut for you. You can try special ice creams and sorbets, sticky rices, pancakes, yogurts with fruit…. so so many options. And I have not yet mentioned the cakes.

Apart from the fruit you can try variety of fruit cakes and pastries but the best are indeed the buns. You have never seen anything like it! Fruit bun shaped exactly like mushroom? Or mini watermelon in a bun form? Yes, please! And apparently they are the best tasting thing in that buffet according to all.

On top of this heavenly experience you can also visit the view top of this enormous complex. Baiyoke is the tallest building in bangkok so trust me when I say that the view can get no better. The 83rd floor allows you to gaze down through a huge glass wall or walking one floor higher you get to go outside on the rotating observation deck. I have never imagined Bangkok to look so beautiful. Just bear with that crazy wind.

What comes next?

Not much.

Since I had a long ride ahead up to the beach resort I had to leave Bangkok early. I wished I could stay longer but even like this I was satisfied. Walking back through the busy and SUPER filled market streets I was glad to be alive. Vibrant and radiant but also pretty challenging to get through in one piece. That is how I remember my first Bangkok experience.

Since next time I will be writing it is a different year I hope you will be all optimistic and ready for it. I am no advocate for new year resolutions which are often just meaningless promises but if you can just work on being happier. Every single day counts.

I will also try my best.



See you then.





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