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Vegan Seoul Tour Continues

Happy Sunday!


How have you been doing?

I am already heading into the final weeks of my semester which makes me more stressed out than anything else… but let’s just face it and fight through.

You may be wondering what is up with the title again. Haven’t I proclaimed PLant the best vegan restaurant in Seoul in this post?

Well. generally it is Plant who is supposed to be on the top but this time I have some other place with its speciality – Burgers.

Only Veggie

I have another weird confession to make – I have never liked burgers. To be precise I don’t even remember when I ate a burger before going vegan. There is too much to it, too much bread and too many topping combos, I can’t grab it properly I really never liked patty meat. All is said I have fallen in love with burgers only as a vegan. I still do not actively search for them and I would not pick it as my number one choice but there are times when I can appreciate a good vegan burger.

Veggie burgers are difficult to make but I thought I found my ultimate winner in London but oh boy I was wrong. When I attended the Vegan Festival In Korea one of the most popular stalls belonged to a lovely place called Huggers. I have been stalking their instagram long enough to drool over their burgers and desserts. I did try the S’Mores cake, probably the highlight of the entire festival, but I passed the burger. Nonetheless I loved the one my friend ordered and decided to visit Huggers myself.

And I did. We found our way to this little place in the maze of Itaewon, which is sadly only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Why? It is not the main business of the owners but what I am obsessed with the most is that they DONATE 10% of all their revenue to animal rights protection! How better can it get?

A Little Burger Heaven

The restaurant is super cozy and a bit tiny but you will find your place. The staff was one of the nicest group of people I have ever met and I wished I could stay and chat, ruining their work time. And the food.

The beautiful blackboard is covered in more than 10 kinds of veggie burgers (I can’t even remember them all) and you will have a hard time choosing in between all of them. Maybe get them all? I opted for the Spicy Tofu and my friend went for the Chipotle and Chicken. You can get it with a side of different kinds of fries, we went for the plain. The cost is more than your traditional Korean food but for vegan restaurant, nothing harsh at all. I wanted also dessert, especially the raw cheesecakes. But you can choose from a huge variety of fresh baked cakes as well or even get a stack of pancakes! Wash it down with a green smoothie and you are all set.

How was the food? I can’t describe how amazing it all was. My spicy tofu burger was SO big it needed to woodsticks to hold it down and it was my ultimate favorite. So much flavor, so many layers to it and each one worked perfectly with the other. The patties were nice, flavorful and firm and for the first time I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the bread! (amazing toasted bun <3) I showed down my own burger as well as part of my friends Chipotle and each was slightly different but oh so so great. Potatoes made a great addition to all of this awesomeness.

The Best Of The Best

The cheesecakes. Raw cheesecakes are my ultimately favorite desserts but it is almost impossible to find them in Korea. Like Huggers wanted to make me even happier they had not only raw cheesecakes but even my favorite combos – Plain with Blueberries and Peanut Butter&Chocolate. So we ordered both of them.

The desserts were big and (I am running out of praises) incredible. Plain one was simple but perfect and combined with the blueberries it was the crowd favorite. However, I still preferred a bit my richer and heavier Peanut&Chocolate slice. I wish I could win a lottery and get one of those every single day.

Overall, my mind was blown. I thought I knew the unbeatable veggie burger but Huggers has a new number one spot. The atmosphere and the place itself also made it to be my new go-to place whenever I can visit Itaewon. I still want to explore the Korean vegan scene more but Huggers set the bar so high I am not sure what can top that. Not just the food but the whole package makes it a must for any vegan or non-vegan to visit! Trust me, none of my friends are vegan and they were more then happy with their food, it is a must for anyone.


Would you try it?


Hope to get back to you soon.






*If anyone from Huggers someday happens to read this I want to thank you and I wish I could sent you a virtual hug and just make sure you know how happy you made this girl and all her friends 🙂

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