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Was The Hype Worth It?

Welcome back!


Did you have a great October week?


For me it was full of stress and craziness. returning back to the everyday class life after our Chuseok break but I am now used to it. Plus I am just about to leave to attend 4nd VEGAN FESTIVAL in Seoul! How amazing is that? (but that will be our topic probably next week)

Let’s look what I have for you today.

And trust me it’s amazing. Well, unless you are reading/watching this hungry…

Itaewon = Vegan Heaven

Seoul has many different parts and some of you may know one of them, Itaewon. Itaewon is well known as the international district as it is packed with foreigners. Being close to the US Army base, Itaewon is filled with such a variety of non-Koreans and with them came their cuisines and shops. You can find Mexican, Indian, Turkish, even African food – all in Itaewon. With that being said, it is also a paradise for vegans. Majority of vegan (and “hipster”) restaurants can be found in Itaewon. So is the so called “king” (or queen?) of all vegan food in Korea – The Plant.

Plantbased Plant

Originating as a bakery/cafe, The Plant quickly became local favorite. You do not have to be vegan to fall in love with this place. In fact, my friend who came with me is neither. Later Plant expanded their business and opened a bigger Plant Restaurant, just few blocks from the original bakery. And that is where we headed.

Located just few steps away from Itaewon Subway Station, Exit 4, it is hard to miss this place. Go to 2nd floor and you will enter this amazing and cozy restaurant. BUT be aware that it fills up very quickly. We came just in between lunch and dinner and the place still got super full by the time we were finished.

Salads, Wraps And So Much Cake

Looking at their menu I wished I could have tried everything, especially since they tend to change it from season to season. We finally decided to share the TEMPEH RAINBOW WRAP and HUMMUS & ROASTED SQUASH SALAD. The food didn’t take long to be made but look so so good!

And tasted even better. I personally preferred the salad, mainly because of that tender squash, homemade smooth smoky hummus and especially that garlicky alioli!! The best dressing I know. Not to forget about the wrap – it was also incredibly tasty. Fresh crunchy veggies with so delicate tempeh in soft wrap covered in sauce I can’t name but for sure can eat forever. Loved the fresh chips and the bread as well.

Then came the cakes. Originally we ordered only the PEANUT BUTTER & CHOCOLATE slice but after it made my friend nearly cry with happiness, I knew one slice will not be enough. So I came with the GINGER PUMPKIN SLICE. To describe both cakes – HEAVEN! I am the biggest fan of peanut butter & chocolate combo but this time (sorry) I preferred the pumpkin. It felt more appropriate for fall and that balance of sweet and tangy was on spot. To be said both were one of the best vegan cakes I have ever tried. Delicate but rich, none too heavy. Should I even continue?

All together, one of the best food adventures I have ever been on. However, note that it will be more expensive than your regular Korean food. I was ok paying for health and deliciousness, to defend I think it was worth every single penny. Also the portions were quite tremendous so I think you are paying actually good amount.


Would you like to try it?

Where will we go next?


Let’s wait and see.






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